13 Most Dangerous and Disastrous Roads for Truck Drivers

What makes this short section so special is it the harsh winter weather, inadequate signage, and sightseeing tourist.

But, do you want to know the biggest threat of all? – It cuts right through major moose migration routes!


America’s highway system is as diverse as our population, and equally as unique. Since the first trip westward American’s have been trying to find a better route. With the advent of the motorized vehicles the need was finally recognized to have a proper organized system of roadways. As more and more cars, motorcycles and modern trucks pour onto our roadways the need to design better and safer routes continues to push technological development.

But as the above routes prove it is still up to the actual driver to remain vigilant and plan his/her route according to the need. Whether you’re planning to make a trip or are the one who must plan routes The Federal Highway Administration, a branch of the Department of Transportation has several great resources.

I am sure there are numerous other roads that for whatever reason are bad, dangerous, or just annoying.

Please feel free to add to the list, share your stories, or just offer some friendly tips about what to watch out for on a particular stretch of road.



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