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Over the last period of months there has been a lot of noise about ELD and all the changes to the trucking industry this new set of rules will bring.

There is a lot of time (ELD Mandate – Release Date) for all trucking companies to adopt but as you all know and a lot of you already use – the market is packed with all sort of mobile apps offering in some cases better and in some cases not so good Electronic Log Book solutions.


Current Situation – E- Log Mobile Apps

I had a very good experience with all of these solutions and police officers were really affirmative when it comes to there new technology. Is there any bad experience with you guys -please share it with us so that we can warn the rest of the drivers.

In 95% of the cases roadside inspections will accept those mobile App solutions installed either on tablet or smartphone as a valid proof of your driving records. In some rare cases they will ask for the print copy but almost all of them will accept if you email them or just fax them the 7 days records of your driving.

Downsides of the E-Log Mobile Apps

Although the ELD Mandate doesn’t require any equipment to be installed until 16th December 2017.

A lot of companies are already starting to install it because E-Logs Mobile Apps has some disadvantages:

  • drivers can easily edit the log books and mace it inaccurate which can lead to fines and penalties
  • there is no way to for the driver to use it if they don;t want to or if they forget about it
  • if the driver lose power on the smart phone (or lose it) there is no record of the data

Until you a have a physical device installed in your truck which this new rule in making to become mandatory you will need to cope with this potential downsides. Trucking companies are facing some potential issues with the inspections which can be directly linked to their safety rating.

My experience made me see a lot of trucking companies going out of the business because of the issues the had with safety rating which was a direct reflection of the bad E-Logs inspections.


This list is created by huge experience I had in trucking business DOT Audits it presents check list of the things that are being searched by DOT Audit. Each time they stop by your office they will look on these things to make sure you are complaint with the regulations.

It may look simple and easy but believe me you can have some great issues if you are not complaint to this list. So here is the list of the things that are requested by DOT officers to look after.

Electronic Hours of Service Investigative Techniques

1. Request and review the system’s documentation: Equipment Contract, Service Contract & Invoices, Manufacturer’s Certification of Compliance, Driver On-Board Information Card, Software Manual and Vendor’s Website

2. Request and verify assigned log-in lists to include drivers & carrier management personnel authorized to manager HOS.

3. Request and verify a vehicle list containing the assigned device with identifying information.

4. Request reports showing when a vehicle is being operated without a driver logged-in.

5. Request reports showing edits made in the system, identifying who made the change, what

the change was, and why the change was made.

6. Request reports of sensor failures related to the hours of service recording device.

7. Request reports for Off-Duty Driving time. (Not all systems have this report. Review the carrier’s practices and policies on personal conveyance.)

8. Request the HOS violation summary ONLY for each driver selected.

9. Request the RODS for each driver selected.

10. Compare the RODS for each driver selected with the supporting documents (include vehicle position records).

11. Request to show all changes made to the system.


Hope this can help you to stay one step a head of the DOT Audit and allows you to prepare yourself for this kind of inspections. By following this rules you will make sure next time they stop by your office you will wait them with smile on your face.



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