OEM Connected Vehicle Platform Solutions

Enabling OEMs to deploy & improve connected vehicle services to gain competitive advantage and be prepared for a new era of mobility services.

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Custom Connected Vehicle Platform

Launch connected vehicle platform in months vs years and position your company as a leading OEM in your space. Fueloyal helps OEMs deploy fully customized & branded end-to-end connected vehicle solutions from scratch including IoT Modules, Cloud Infrastructure and both Web & Mobile Software Applications.

If you are an OEM with already deployed connectivity solutions Fueloyal can help you by taking your platform to the next level and add new functionalities in the area of vehicle profitability, MaaS, vendor/part analysis, warranty expense reduction, Early Recall detection.
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R&D Telemetry Data

2 Way data management allows you to send & receive real time telemetry data from your vehicles and use this data for the R&D, Product & Tech purposes with proven ROI functionalities. Capture the smallest pieces of data from your vehicles in real-time and become a data driven R&D organization.

Send data via over the air and update your vehicle performance remotely to maximize the vehicle performance and provide best user experience.

Vendor & Part Analysis

Get deep understanding and data how each component of your vehicle is performing and understand better how frequently and why they’re breaking. We categorize each component and its performance to understand how we can make it better.

Gain visibility into each vendor and supplier you work with and create data based reports about each supplier cost/benefit ratio to make better business decisions and ultimately increase per vehicle profitability.
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Recall Detection & Warranty Expense Reduction

Proactively use machine learning algorithms and big data analysis to detect unusual patterns before they escalate. Save money by using proactive tools that will help you understand what is happening with every vehicle manufactured and detect possible failures before they happen.

Analyze the vehicle failures and learn how different driving & usage habits, maintenance style or geographical area can affect durability. Get real-time data around your vehicles performance and usage to build better future models at more competitive prices and increased profitability.
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Native Mobile App Solutions

Connect your customers with your vehicle via native mobile app and tighten the connection and brand loyalty. Enable users to access rich vehicle functionalities from any smartphone located anywhere in the world.

Fueloyal helps OEMs launch customized & branded native iOS & Android mobile solutions with strong emphasis on UX & UI to maximize the customer satisfaction and to create a new revenue stream for OEM by launching new monetization services via Mobile Apps.
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Concierge Solutions

Generating recurring revenue for OEMs after the vehicle has been sold is our strong passion. We feel there is much more to earn than just one time sales income. Our concierge set of solutions allows OEMs to make additional revenue long after the vehicle has been sold.

We use large amounts of vehicle data as a foundation to help OEMs launch new services in the area of carsharing & ride sharing services, vehicle rental solutions, on demand car service features, fueling & recharging, loyalty & reward programs and many other solutions.
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