Top 50 Fleet Management Software Companies in US


Fleet management software is one of the most important technological innovations that have emerged in the trucking industry.

Hence, a fleet management software is a computer software helping trucking companies to fulfill successfully their duties, starting from loading- point A to delivery- point B.

Thereupon, the fleet management software has been programmed to store, gather, and process as well as monitor the overall fleet’s activity.

Further, in this article, you will have the chance to read and learn more about the top 50 fleet management software companies in the US.

Let’s take a look!

1. Innovative Maintenance Systems

Innovative Maintenance Systems was founded in 1994, since then it has remained to be one of the best fleet management software companies. Nowadays Innovative Maintenance Systems is providing their software solutions to thousands of customers worldwide.

Thereupon, their software solutions are completely customer driven. Straight proportionally their main goal is providing a maintenance system that will be easy to use for their customers.

So, Innovative Maintenance Systems can help you maximize the benefits of keeping accurate maintenance records.


As one of the best fleet management software companies, they can take control over the ongoing activity in your company.

Their software is working on a flexible and affordable Windows program, which is helping numerous customers.


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Hence, if you decide to implement Innovative Maintenance Systems in your company, then you should know that the web based maintenance software is keeping track of your fleet.

You will have to your disponibility essential features that will help you in properly maintaining your fleet.

2. Vinity Soft Business Solutions

Vinity Soft Business Solutions are offering accessible and manageable solutions for your fleet. Keep in mind that Vinity Soft Business Solutions are rated as one of the top 50 fleet management software in the USA.

Later on, Vinity Soft can help you with your fleet vehicle management, tool and asset management as well as with warehousing. Simply, Vinity Soft is created to fulfill real world needs.


Thereupon, if you are in doubt whether this is the right software for your company, then you should know that Vinity Soft has created a free fully functional 30-day trial version. So, that way you can try it and decide whether you want to purchase it or not.

As well, this software is not requesting any subscriptions to their fleet management software. By buying it (one time payment) you will get unrestricted access to the entire program and its features.

3. Chaskify

Chaskify as one of the best fleet management software is providing simple, powerful and flexible logistics platform. In many cases, Chaskify has helped their users to grow their business.

Later on, their users can send real-time notifications to their customers (departure and arrival time). Since this software is data-driven it can enable their users to stay ahead of the curve, it is even functional for the biggest trucks in the world. That is to say to prevent any possible issues.

By choosing Chaskify you will choose improvement for your company, but as well a better service to your customers. Time and privacy are valuable, bear that in mind.


Further Innovative Chaskify is offering:

  1. Real Time Tracking- based on an interactive map which features streamline;
  2. Delivery Updates- monitoring of the overall performance;
  3. Delivery Confirmation- with Chaskify you will be able to send a picture of the delivered goods as well as of the signature of the recipient;

4. Titan GPS

Titan GPS is helping numerous companies to have an easier fleet management. Thereupon, it is featuring real location, event data, as well as a status of your fleet.

These days we can notice that Titan GPS is being used by thousands of fleet operators in the USA, as well as in Canada. Later on, Titan GPS can help you move your business forward, by using it you will deliver the promises that you have given to your customers.


Titan GPS are creating a culture of accountability. So, if you want to reduce fuel expenses and lower the emissions then you should take into consideration to start using this leading fleet management software. Also, Titan will help you improve the routing and dispatch.

5. Plug N Track GPS

Plug N Track is a powerful fleet management software. This software has advanced features, yet remains easy to use besides their advanced features.

Moreover, Plug N Track is working as a web-based solution, which helps their users by improving their fleet performance affordably and quickly. This fleet management software is ideal for the trucking companies which are operating with large dry van fleets, but it is not limited only to that industry.


So, by choosing Plug N Track you will be able to see the exact location and the status of your trucks. This will bring you improved fleet safety and security, increased productivity, improved efficiency, as well as instant location verification.

6. Ashcom Technologies

Ashcom Technologies is supporting reactive and proactive work, it is what makes it be one of the best fleet management software. So, if you are looking for a fleet management software tailored for your needs then you shall take a look at Ashcom Technologies.

So, Ashcom Technologies is specialized in tracking and identifying assets. By choosing Ashcom you will get exceptional fleet management software; a software that will help you create preventative maintenance schedules and an easier way of calculating the annual costs of your company.


Furthermore, Ashcom can maintain your contact information, as well as lists of valid suppliers, and track of your materials and fleet.

With Ashcom you could customize the terms and fields that are being used in your company.

7. My Route Online

My Route is the perfect fleet management software not only that it will help you with the organization, but as well it will help you save fuel. My route can import around 350 addresses and add multiple locations as well.



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